Why football is important for mental health, says Prince William?

British Prince William loves football. Personally supporter of the football club Aston Villa. Prince William used to watch Wayne Rooney’s games with great interest. The Prince of Wales recently chatted with two stars English footballers Harry Kane and Declan Rice. They participated in an episode called Game of Fives of Copa 90 football. He said there that football has taught him that disappointment is a part of life. According to him, the more you play, the more you learn. But like most things, disappointment is a part of life. How you are coping with him is important.


Loved football since childhood

Prince William enjoys playing football very much. As a teenager, he loved watching football more than playing football. Prince William also played four matches together. 60 people played that game with multiple balls while studying in school. William’s favorite footballer while playing football at school was England defender Rio Ferdinand. William said, (citing him as an inspiration) I would have been a defender. I would stand back and be told to resist.’

Football creates friendship

Prince William has made many friends in his life through the virtue of football. Princess Diana’s eldest son said, ‘Many of my closest friends in life have been found on the playground. During the game, you have to overcome the adversities and move forward together. Through friendship, we move forward in life. We strengthen our relationships by playing sports, drinking tea, or talking together.

When disappointment is part of life

Another strong family outside of the family is through football, believes British Prince William. He said, ‘It was difficult for us to adjust to the fact that England had lost many football matches in the past. Losing days were very difficult for me. How many times our joy has been lost in football? But remember, this is how you move forward. This is how life goes on.

Mental crisis of footballers

Two years ago, Prince William took part in a documentary called ‘Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health’ to discuss issues such as mental health through football. Boys are generally hesitant to talk about mental health. He chose football to overcome that dilemma. Footballers from various English clubs participated there. William has also been seen talking about the mental crisis of footballers on various occasions.

Football to find life

England Under-21 player Marvin Sordell shares his life story in conversation with Prince William. This young footballer shared with everyone the experience of how he wanted to leave life and was confused by the grief of losing his father. Prince William also spoke about the pain of losing his mother, Princess Diana. The participants discussed the psychological and humanitarian crises that men face. The story of how footballers overcome grief and come back to the field is highlighted in the section on footballers.

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