Which is the most expensive team in the World Cup?

Most expensive team

most expensive team in the World Cup

Which is the most expensive team in the World Cup? Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are ahead of stardom. However, they are not the most expensive players in the transfer market at the moment. Among those who are playing in the World Cup in Qatar, France’s Kylian Mbappe is ahead of everyone in the market value, with a price of 160 million euros.

The market value of the individual is similar to that of the group. The main favorites to win the World Cup, but not the most expensive teams, are Brazil, Argentina, France, and Germany. The most expensive team in the current market value of 26 members in the squad is England.

Brazil is in the second position. On the other hand, the least expensive teams are Qatar and Australia. Let’s take a look at the total market value of the teams going to the World Cup, courtesy of TransferMarket

1. England

Market value: 1.26 billion euros
Most expensive player: Phil Foden (11 crores)
Expensive Forward: Harry Kane (9 crores)
Expensive midfielder: Phil Foden
Expensive defender: Trent Alexander-Arnold (7 crores)
Expensive Goalkeeper: Aaron Ramsdale (3 crores)

2. Brazil

Market value: 1.14 billion euros
Most expensive player: Vinicius Jr. (12 crores)
Pricey forward: Vinicius Jr
Expensive Midfielder: Bruno Guimaraes (6 crores)
Expensive defender: Marquinhos (7 crores)
Expensive goalkeeper: Alisson (5 crores)

3. France

Market value: 1.08 billion euros
Most expensive player: Kylian Mbappe (16 crores)
Expensive forward: Kylian Mbappe
Expensive Midfielder: Orleans Chuameni (8 crores)
Expensive defender: Jules Kunde (6 crores)
Expensive Goalkeeper: Alphonse Areola (8 crores)

4. Portugal

Market value: 937 million euros
Expensive Player: Rafael Liao (8.5 million)
Expensive forward: Rafael Liao
Expensive Midfielder: Bernardo Silva (8 crores)
Expensive defender: Ruben Diaz (Rs 7.5 million)
Expensive goalkeeper: Diego Costa (3.5 crores)

5. Spain

Market value: 902 million euros
Most expensive player: Pedri (10 crores)
Expensive Forward: Ansu Fati (5 crores)
Expensive midfielder: Pedri
Most expensive defender: Pau Torres (5 crores)
Expensive goalkeeper: Robert Sanchez (3 crore 2 million)

6. Germany

Market value: 885.5 million euros
Most expensive player: Jamal Musiala (10 crores)
Expensive Forward: Leroy Sane (7 crores)
Expensive midfielder: Jamal Musiala
Expensive defender: Antonio Rudiger (4 crores)
Expensive goalkeeper: Marc-Andre ter Stegen (3 crores)

7. Argentina

Market value: 652 million euros
Expensive Forward: Lautaro Martinez (Rs 7.5 million)
Expensive forward: Lautaro Martinez
Expensive Midfielder: Rodrigo Di Paul (3.5 million)
Most expensive defender: Lisandro Martinez (5 goals)
Expensive Goalkeeper: Emiliano Martinez (2.5 million)

8. The Netherlands

Market value: 587.25 million euros
Most expensive player: Mathias de Licht (7 crores)
Expensive Forward: Cody Gakpo (4 crore 50 lakhs)
Expensive Midfielder: Frankie de Jong (5 crores)
Expensive defender: Matthias de Licht
Expensive Goalkeeper: Justin Bailov (Rs 1.3 Crore)

9. Belgium

Market value: 563.2 million
Most expensive player: Kevin De Bruyne (8 crores)
Expensive Forward: Romelu Lukaku (Rs 55 million)
Expensive midfielder: Kevin De Bruyne
Expensive Defender: Timothée Castagne (2.8 million)
Expensive Goalkeeper: Thibaut Courtois (6 crores)

10. Uruguay

Market value: 449.7 million euros
Most expensive player: Federico Valverde (10 crores)
Expensive Forward: Darwin Nunez (7 crores)
Expensive midfielder: Federico Valverde
Expensive defender: Ronald Araujo (6 crores)
Expensive goalkeeper: Sergio Rochet (4 crores)

Croatia (377 million), Serbia (359.5 million), Denmark (353 million), Nigeria (292.9 million), Senegal (288 million), Switzerland (281 million), United States (277. 4 million), Poland (255.6 million) and Morocco (251.1 million).

The three least expensive countries from the bottom are Qatar (14.9 million), Australia (38.34 million), and Iran (59.53 million).

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