What’s trending In the decoration of the house right now?

In the decoration of the house

In the decoration of the house, Even if you enter someone’s house and do not speak to the owner, you can recognize the person. How? See the interior. Where people live, their habits, likes, and dislikes are scattered around. So the decoration is very important.

In the decoration of the house

As much as people were focused on personal grooming earlier, they did not have much interest in home decoration. The thought is such, what is there to think so much about the furniture, it is only one thing. Times have changed, more or less everyone is now focusing on home decor. Arranging and organizing your home space in accordance with personal taste and affordability.

And so it can be seen that two flats of the same size in the same apartment building have different looks just because of the decoration. Because nothing else, the householder’s own taste. Some people are doing interior design in a modern style, some people prefer tradition, and some people prefer a mix of both.

What is trending in interior design now?

If we talk about trends in home decor in Bangladesh, then we have to say that these four styles—modern, Victorian, contemporary, and traditional—are mainly followed. A mix of modern and traditional is also seen. However, traditional and contemporary styles are more prevalent; The reason is the availability of materials.

In the decoration of the house

Modern trends

In this style, In the decoration of the house, not only the interior decoration but the entire flat shape is being designed in mind. Furniture, furnishing, home decor, garden, decor — everything is being chosen with modern materials. Interior design and decoration are done by combining wood, board, metal, different types of tiles, patterned glass, heavy raw or silky fabrics, different types of light fixtures, paintings, photographs, portraits, etc. The walls are painted in different colors, and different textures and different rustic stones are used. Ceilings, wall treatments, floor treatments, furniture, lighting—everything is brought under the composition to stand up in design. The entire flat is designed by coordinating the color of the furniture and furnishings with the walls.

Indoor plants and showers are very important accessories in modern home decor. For that reason, in most flats, the balcony is transformed into a small garden. Small seating arrangements are also available. In the early morning light, one can sit and read a newspaper or get lost in the soft afternoon light while sipping tea.

Victorian style

Some of the more affluent still prefer the Victorian style. To them, the Victorian interior is a symbol of aristocracy. In such interiors, the entire house is decorated with heavily decorated furniture, ornate chandeliers, lace brocade, muslin curtains, large wall clocks, paintings, patterned ceilings, colorful carpets, etc.

However, the Victorian style is not very suitable in Bangladesh due to the shape of the house and the type of weather. So interior decorators try to discourage this style of decorating the house. But if one has a large open house, the such decoration can be done.

Current trends

It is important to follow some basic rules in contemporary home interior design, such as the use of colors, selection of lines and spaces, design of furniture and flooring, paintings, use of lights, presence of flowers and plants, etc.

Among the things that will prevail in the contemporary style of interior design are plain wood or board furniture, natural colors, the predominance of geometric patterns in cushions, carpets, or rugs, different types of sculptures, the presence of motifs in paintings, the use of wood and rustic tiles on the floor. Building materials are used as raw materials. For example, various AC lighting ducts, pipes, and cables are left visible without being covered. If you want, these things can be wrapped with cloth or paint. Again the brick masonry wall can be left bare without covering it with plaster. Apart from the flats, various showrooms are now being designed in a contemporary style.

Thick jute, cotton, khadi, woolen, and jamdani fabrics are predominant in contemporary interiors. Along with that, a lot of fresh trees, wax, and stones are being used.

Traditional style

Local, traditional, and antique elements are used more in this style of interior decoration. In our countries, such as bamboo-rattan furniture, Shataranji, mat, Shitalpati, clay pots, old ceramic pots or vases, brass-brass taigas, looms, jamdani, block print or Kantha work curtains, Nakshikantha bed sheets, wooden patterned mirrors, etc. The house is taken.

In the decoration of the house

Many people have some antique items used by their ancestors in their homes. Such as iron trunks, brass jugs, brass drinking bowls, water fountains, betel nut cutters, glass jars, grad Katan or jamdani sari used by grandparents, and old wooden furniture. These can be used in home decoration in many ways. For example, a reusable saree from a grandmother can be cut and pelleted into a curtain.

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In this way, it is possible to bring out the family tradition by presenting the old things in a new way. Maybe you have a simple chair with handles from grandma’s cane or grandpa’s seat in your collection. The chair can also fit in your living room. Even better, a little history of this chair can be written in one corner. When guests come, you don’t have to tell everyone about the greatness of this chair.

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