What to do if electrocution?

Electrocution Time


Death due to electrocution often happens in our country. As a result of electrocution, the electric current disrupts the body’s blood circulation and severely injures the nervous system and respiratory systems. As a result, the patient became unconscious within a few moments.

The electric current through the body tissues causes deep burns. If the person being electrocuted has wet clothes on or his body is wet, the electric shock is more severe.

Death occurs due to initial numbness of the heart, respiratory system, and brain of the electrocuted person. The same will happen if someone else touches the person while he is electrocuted.

What to do if someone gets electrocuted?

– If the electrocuted person is still under the power of electricity i.e. he has electric wires attached to his body or hands and feet, then the main switch should be turned off first or the plug should be removed from the socket.

-If it is not possible to turn off the main switch or remove the plug from the socket, remove the power cable from the body of the person who has been electrocuted with something non-conductive. In this case, a long completely dry bamboo or stick, a dry rope, or a long dry cloth can be used.

The person disconnecting the electrocuted person must ensure that his hands are dry and he must stand on something dry. In this case, the feet should have sponge sandals.

– As soon as the electrocuted person is disconnected from the electric current, artificial respiration should be started if necessary and efforts should be made to revive him by external chest pressure (cardiac compression).

-If necessary, the patient can be placed on the back with one arm extended and the other arm folded under the head.

– After that, arrangements should be made to send the patient to the nearest hospital or medical center. It should be remembered that – when electrocuted, the body is severely deficient in water, especially electrolytes. Care should be taken to ensure that the patient receives plenty of fluids.

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