What is in the investigative report against Trump?

Investigative report against Trump

Trump, After the 2020 presidential election of the United States, then president Donald Trump chose the path of conspiracy to change the result. On January 6, 2021, the United States Parliament building was attacked on the path of this conspiracy. After the attack, a congressional panel launched an investigation. In that investigation, this image of Trump’s conspiracy about the election results emerged. The investigative committee blamed Trump in several ways.


845-page report

The Congressional Investigative Committee issued an 845-page report. It has been recommended that Trump should not hold any public office in the future. In other words, Trump has announced that he will contest the 2024 presidential election, but the committee has recommended that it be stopped.

The investigation committee was formed immediately after the January 6 attack. They took 18 months for this. During this time 10 public hearings were held. More than 1000 people’s testimony has been taken. Among them are Trump administration officials as well as Trump family members. Apart from this, police officers and rioters also testified.

Trump’s political party

The congressional investigation committee includes two members of Trump’s political party, the Republican Party, and seven members of the current ruling party, the Democratic Party. After the investigation, they sent their recommendations to the Justice Department last Monday to bring Trump to justice.

The 845-page investigative report was made public on Thursday local time in the United States. Six important aspects are highlighted from there.

Trump’s false claims

According to the report, Trump’s claim of victory on the night of the 2020 election was a lie. It was premeditated. At the time, no one believed this claim except his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Trump made a baseless accusation shortly after claiming his victory. That is, this election has been rigged. Trump was emphatically making this false claim.


Several of Trump’s lawyers and advisers testified before the investigative committee. They also said that they did not believe the accusations that Trump had raised in the election. Besides, there was no argument in favor of this claim.

Trump’s former attorney general William Barr gave a clear statement to the committee. He said in the statement given to the committee, “I made it clear that I do not agree with the allegations of rigging in the election.” He also asked to stop the campaign of rigging in the election. He said this to Donald Trump.

However, Trump continued to promote election conspiracy theories for weeks. Although at that time the top officials of the administration also told Trump that the claim he is making is not true at all.

Rioters in Washington because of Trump

After an investigation, the committee said that the attack on the Capitol was instigated by Trump himself. In this context, the committee presented a tweet dated 19 December 2020. On that day, Trump said in a tweet that there will be a big rally in Washington DC on January 6. Join this rally, and be reckless.

In depositions and court documents, rioters and militia members who were present at the Capitol that day acknowledged that Trump’s tweet helped the rioters make a case for coming to Washington.

An example is given of someone who came to the Capitol in response to Trump’s call. The man, Robert Morse, was convicted of the attack on the Capitol. He told the committee that he went there after receiving that tweet from Trump. Apart from this, intelligence agencies had also warned in advance that on January 6, Trump’s supporters could come there and carry out violent attacks.

Trump failed to stop the riots

The investigative committee highlighted in its report that Trump did not take any steps to stop the attack on January 6. Trump’s actions have made it clear that he has ignored warnings from Congress.

Several people have testified about Trump’s actions at that time. White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson is one of them. Cassidy presented evidence of the chaotic events that took place in the White House that day.


After members of Congress were trapped in the Capitol on the day of the attack, they contacted White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. They asked for help. But the White House took no action. Many in the White House were disappointed. Hope Hicks worked in the White House during the Trump era. He wrote in a text message to Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump’s chief of staff, Julie Radford, “We are all acting like domestic terrorists now.” In addition, he texted another White House lawyer, “I am very disappointed. We have done everything to erase it.

Planned attacks by far-right extremists

Held during the US election on November 3, 2020. After that, the right-wing parties planned the attack with December in front. As Washington DC was set as the target for this, the Capitol building was already the target of the attack. The FBI was also notified. Right-wing groups such as Oath Keepers and Proud Boys were associated with such plans.

One of the messages that were given at that time was, ‘There is only one way. This is not a signal. This is not a meeting. That’s a bullet.’

The Capitol Police and Secret Service work to ensure the security of the President of the United States. They also received such messages. A direct attack on the Capitol was given then. Such messages have been highlighted in the investigation report documents.

The message of the attack was on various pro-Trump websites, as well as on Twitter. Again, such messages were sent on messaging apps that were not under surveillance. Then the reflection was seen on January 6. Among those who carried out the attack that day were members of right-wing groups.

Trump’s pressure to change the election results

Apart from rigging the election, and declaring himself the winner, Trump did another thing. Trump pressured Vice President Mike Pence to change the results of the election, that is, to declare him the winner.

According to the investigation report, Trump wanted to speak with Mike Pence on January 6. He told his aides to call Pence. However, Trump spoke later. At that time, Pence said, he has the power to prevent Joe Biden’s victory.
At one point in the conversation, Trump called Pence a coward and said he was “not tough enough,” according to some who testified in the investigation.


Meanwhile, in the speech he gave in front of the attackers on January 6, Trump mentioned Pence. “Pence will do the right thing,” he said. Later, at one stage of the attack, slogans were chanted in Pence’s name. Rioters chanted ‘Pence hanged’.

Trump is unfit for public office

The inquiry committee made 11 recommendations to the judiciary. Quoting from the Constitution, it says that anyone who takes an oath to uphold the Constitution but ‘engages in an insurrection’ or ‘gives relief or aid to persons identified as enemies of the Constitution’ will be disqualified from holding public office. According to the investigation report.

In other words

Trump cooperated in this rebellion. In other words, the committee wants the Justice Department to take steps to prevent Trump from working in any government office.

Source: BBC News

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