Western tanks will not turn the tide of the Ukraine war

The tide of the Ukraine war

Last week brought some good news for Ukraine. At that time, Western allies including the United States, Germany, and Canada informed the country about supplying modern tanks. This undoubtedly boosted Kiev’s confidence to fight against Russia in the ongoing war.

But the question is, how much will these tanks advance Ukraine? How will the country win the war? Or will the US military have the opportunity to align the Ukrainian army against Russia?


Sophisticated tanks and weapons

It should not be forgotten that the Western allies, including the United States, are not only providing Ukraine with sophisticated tanks and weapons but will also training the country’s army members to operate them. It is going to be a ‘crash program’, which the US forces call ‘combined arms warfare’. This program can run for months if not throughout the year.

Deciding on new military aid is a delicate balancing act for the White House and the NATO alliance. However, they want to give Kiev new powers that have the potential to break the stalemate on the battlefield. They also don’t want to provoke Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is escalating the war into a bigger one.


The renewed military aid to Kiev is part of a delicate balancing act by the White House and the Western military alliance NATO. On the one hand, they want to increase Ukraine’s capabilities in a way that will help break the stalemate on the battlefield. The West, on the other hand, is not interested in directly provoking Russian President Vladimir Putin so that he does not go on the path of prolonging the war.

As a result, while the West has long hesitated to give Kiev sophisticated tanks, discussing among themselves, Russia has shown no signs of prolonging the war. New Ukrainian army units now trained by Western weapons (operating Western-backed tanks) may be denied this opportunity to rein in the bloody war.

Analysis of various satellite images has already revealed evidence of Russian forces digging defensive trenches on the battlefield. So the US administration believed that Russia was preparing for a major war. It was also predicted that a bloody war could break out in Ukraine in 2023. At the beginning of the winter season, the war situation tilted heavily in favor of Russia. Worried about this, the United States and its allies held a series of meetings. In recent weeks, they have been discussing a strategy to turn the tide of the war in Ukraine’s favor.

US Departement

In this regard, the senior official of the US Department of State, Victoria Nuland, told the country’s Senate last Thursday that we want to move them (Ukrainian troops) to the best possible position so that the ongoing war ends on the ground. Or diplomacy or a combination of both. They (Ukrainians) are sitting on a map, which is very favorable for their long-term future. And this is where Putin feels his strategic failure.

Ukraine and Russia

In the first year, both Ukraine and Russia—both sides—used more artillery. Somewhere there have been battles with tank fleets. And later on, the war in the air became intense. One of Ukraine’s successes was a counter-offensive using tank fleets around Kharkiv in the northeast. There some important weapons were carried in fast armored vehicles. There, Ukrainian troops faced disorganized Russian forces.

Russian Forces

But in the later stages of the war, Ukrainian forces will target the trenches (bunkers) dug by the Russian forces. This will facilitate the simultaneous attack of tanks and infantry. Tank units will attack in the front. Next would be the artillery, then the infantry. Such combined attack tactics are the backbone of the US war effort. US troops are trained in such combat tactics.

So they can also teach this technique to the Ukrainian army in the coming days

Western aid tanks, however, are now the center of attention. However, according to many analysts, the 109 Bradley armored vehicles provided by the United States and the large number of artillery guns that it wants to give to the European allies could play an important role in turning the tide on the battlefield in Ukraine.

Source: BBC News

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