Ronaldo, the day starts at six in the morning. He started training immediately after rising. The exercise routine emphasizes improving your skills

Around 12:30 Cristiano prepares for his second nap. Sleep is very important for Ronaldo. Because through this he maintains his physical and mental health

At three o’clock he went back to sleep. Have a second lunch after 4:30. Special care is taken to ensure that the food contains proper nutrition

After dinner, he spends time with family and close friends. Jumped into the swimming pool around 10 pm. Swim for an hour. Night swimming helps him calm down

Then he got up again. He rested till three-thirty in the midnight. This time is Ronaldo’s alone, he spends ‘me time. Then took another 90-minute nap

Ronaldo’s biography tells his story from his early life to his professional career. Ronaldo started playing football as a youngster and quickly