The White Lotus simply wrapped up its 2nd season, however, writer Mike White already has his eyes set on Season three.

 In the Unpacking S2 E7 clip pegged on the give up of the Season 2 finale White pointers that Season three might also additionally take region in Asia and cognizance

The first season form of highlighted money, after which the second one season is sex, White said. I assume the 0.33 season might be perhaps a satirical and humorous study

 Dying and Eastern faith and spirituality. It seems like it can be a wealthy tapestry to do every other spherical at White Lotus.

An entire distinct continent. You know, we did Europe, and perhaps Asia, some thing loopy like that, that could be a laugh.

One second withinside the Season 2 finale may factor into the precise region of the 0.33 season, too. As Ethan (Will Sharpe)

Harper (Aubrey Plaza) Cameron (Theo James), and Daphne (Meghann Fahy) consume their very last dinner on the White Lotus in Sicily

In the segment, White additionally unpacked Tanya’s (Coolidge) stunning demise withinside the finale, saying, At the cease of the remaining season, Tanya