Jalen Hurts ventilated his MVP motivation by tossing for 380 yards and passing for three consecutive touchdowns while running for another touchdown, and A.J

Brown caught 2 touchdown passes which led to the Philadelphia Eagles' fifteen-point victory over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

The Eagles suffered a 11-1 start this season, their first since 2004 and the first in franchise history. The 1949 Eagles finished his NFL championship

The Eagles look very much like a team capable to win the BCS Championship Game. Hurts was all that really separated them from the playoff spot

The quick, sure-armed quarterback set a new career high with 29 total touchdowns and had his third career game with 4 touchdowns

His first half alone was a pretty good game for most modern quarterbacks: 268 passing yards and 2 touchdowns with one rushing score.

The Eagles' defense was very strong, too. It bottled up Derrick Henry, who had 11 carries for 30 yards and limited Ryan Tannehill to 141 yards passing and a touchdown

The Titans (7-5) suffered their second defeat in a row but still hold a comfortable lead in AFC South play.

After a field goal by Tennessee fell into Tennessee within fourteen minutes late in the first quarter the Titans dared a punt on every one of the five possessions

They attempted before turning it back over on downs. It was unavoidable that Hurts would be looking for Brown

Tennessee drafted Brown in the second round of the 2019 draft, and retired him almost instantly from being one of the best receivers on the planet