Tis the season for excursion events and big own circle of relatives arguments, right? The excursion season can ramp up anxiety for anyone

 however this one dad on Reddit appears to have taken it to an entire new level. He invited his complete own circle of relatives for a 5-day birthday party (yes, 5 complete days)

In the post, the mother wrote, My father-in-regulation surpassed away a 12 months in the past and [this] 12 months my husband determined as the person of the own circle

Unbeknownst to me, he despatched out invites for a [five-day] Christmas birthday party to his complete own circle of relatives which is set 26 contributors in total

I discovered out approximately it with the aid of using coincidence and I changed into too taken aback to react

Shocking is an understatement, specially while she is going directly to element her husband’s response while she faced him

He stated I shouldn’t be amazed and simply get used to it due to the fact after his father’s demise he’s now the own circle of relatives’s ‘head’ and all principal own circle

of relatives activities may be held in our residence and in his presence, she wrote. The spouse instructed him he need to have talked to her first earlier

than sending out the invites, and the husband recommended she should take break day work (the time she changed into saving for maternity leave) to put together for the party