Messi Argentina beat the Netherlands in a tiebreaker in the semi-finals

Messi defeated the Netherlands in the quarter-finals. The game was not decided in 120 minutes. In the end, Messi’s won the tiebreaker and went to the semi-finals

First, Argentina went ahead with 2 goals. It seemed that Lionel Messi has reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. But in the end, the Netherlands paid back 2 goals

The game went into extra time. There was no goal either. In the end, the match was decided by a tiebreaker. Messi went to the semi-finals after defeating the Netherlands

Dutch coach Louis van Hal tried to stop him. Zonal marking was kept for him. When Messi caught the ball, three to four footballers wearing orange jerseys were holding it.

From the beginning of the game, both teams were trying to attack by keeping the defense strong. Both teams were playing small passes

The Netherlands was attacking using both flanks. In the first 20 minutes, Memphis Depay, Cody Gakpora entered the Argentina box twice. But Emiliano Martinez

On the other hand, Argentina was trying to attack through the ball. When the ball fell at Messi’s feet, at least three people tried to stop him. In the meantime