Japanese Tradition, Instead of clothes exposed female body is covered with food! Guests eat food from private parts. Different countries have different ways

In Japan, this special way of serving food is called ‘Nyotaimori’ or ‘Nantaimori’. Not only within the four walls of the house, according to tradition

This strange tradition of serving food in Japan is world-famous. It is rare to find people visiting Japan from other countries who have not eaten

According to Niyotaimori custom, a woman is first placed on the dining table. While lying on the table, the woman does not have even a thread on her body.

First, the traditional Japanese word “sushi” is served on a naked woman’s body. After that, the woman’s private parts are covered with another pad after

After that, the guests are seen satisfying Rasna by taking food one by one with chopsticks or a fork-spoon from the private part of Niravaran woman

Many men are also associated with this profession. The practice of serving food on the bare body of a naked man is known as ‘Nantaimori’.

According to the rules, during the meal, no guest can speak to or touch the men and women who are lying in the open.