With due respect to the highest level of football, this Dallas Cowboys season is starting to resemble the one you might see from a particularly talented college football team.

It's an apt parallel, given the timing of the football season. Down in the collegiate ranks, conference championships have just been decided and the all-important national

When you consider repeating the very night their dogs play again, you find yourself wondering: Do they look somewhat bored?

 Their hot streak has gotten them to the brink of as several Super Bowls, along with their 2 successive triumphs already look like a glance

The most significant thing, however, is that these last two victories just have not even been all that winning.

From how loud it sounds, the Cowboys trailed the Giants 13-7 at halftime on Thanksgiving Day before switching

It off with the clearheaded vision of sailing ahead to a 28-20 win. Incredulous Sunday night's merciless thrashing of the Colts was even stranger still.

At halftime, the Cowboys trailed the Giants by 13 points, but eventually loned out so they would defeat them 28-20 in the most pursued game

The 54-19 the massacre of the Colts on Sunday night was the most mind-blowing spectacle scored for some time. When time kept them folding at halftime

The point at which they began thrashing the ball in the second half of the play was seen in 3:43 in the third quarter.