The singer Céline Dion introduced she subsequently has a prognosis for the scientific circumstance that has precipitated her to cancel and delay performances during

In a tearful social media post-Wednesday, the My Heart Will Go On" singer stated she's been affected by the stiff-man or woman syndrome

a unprecedented and incurable neurological circumstance that reasons intense muscle spasms and stiffening withinside the limbs.

Unfortunately, those spasms have an effect on each issue of my every day existence, every so often inflicting problems once

I stroll and now no longer permitting me to apply my vocal cords to sing the manner I'm used to," Dion stated in an emotional video published on Instagram

Dion, 54, has time and again postponed and canceled performances withinside the beyond 12 months due to fitness concerns, which she formerly had defined

Dion turned into withinside the center of an extended live performance excursion in 2020 while it turned into interrupted through the pandemic

It turned into subsequently set to restart in February, with any other 50 suggests planned, however 8 were canceled and 23 were rescheduled for 2024

All I understand is singing, Dion stated, developing emotional. "It's what I've achieved all my existence and it is what I like to do the most