Aliza Jane, Unbeknownst to the mother-to-be, the model spent the night at the hotel with a group of players. One colorful post after another on social media.

Aliza is going to give birth to a baby girl soon. He wrote on social media, the biggest blessing in his life is his daughter

25-year-old Alijah posted a picture with her hand on Sfitodar. He wrote, “I can’t wait to see my daughter.” Aliza has 27 thousand of followers on Instagram

Alija keeps giving the latest news about her life to her followers. In a post last month he said that he has two names in mind for his daughter.

In another post, the model wrote, “At the end of the worst year of my life, I got the biggest blessing. All my prayers are going to be rewarded

In one post, Aliza wrote, “This little girl saved my life. My life will change completely. I will surrender my life to this little girl. Can’t wait any longer.

Although she talked a lot about her future child, Aliza did not open her mouth about her father. Who is the father of the child?

Aliza claims to have had sex with seven basketball players in one night.  After that she became pregnant. Those seven players

Aliza indicates that one of the seven is the father of her child. But who, he himself does not know.

Aliza made such a controversial claim in 2020. He said he spent the night with several basketball players of the Phoenix Sun Star team

The video of the intercourse with them will be posted on social media soon