US approves lab-grown meat

lab-grown meat

The US approves lab-grown meat. This meat is made from cells in the laboratory. The country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given permission for that meat to be edible. The approval was given last Wednesday. US approves lab-grown meat for the first time.

lab-grown meat

Upside Foods Company has created chicken meat by harvesting cells from living animals. The stainless-steel tank is made edible using living animal cells. After the approval of the FDA, the lab-made meat will be released to the market only after the approval of the country’s Department of Agriculture. That is, it may be possible to sell this meat to consumers only after a little more testing by the US Department of Agriculture.

FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf and Susan Main, director of FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, said the world is facing a food revolution, and FDA is committed to supporting these innovations in the food supply. The FDA said the statement was published after verifying the information provided by Upside Foods.

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A food technology company called Upside Foods has created this meat in a laboratory. The company is headquartered in Berkeley, California. Uma Valeti, founder and CEO of the company, said, “We started the Upside journey with a lot of skepticism. But now we have made history. The FDA has approved our lab-grown meat.

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