Undoubtedly the best final in World Cup history 2022

World Cup history

Undoubtedly the best final in World Cup history. The colors of the game changed repeatedly throughout the match. In the first half, Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria led Argentina. Kylian Mbappé scored two goals at the end of the scheduled time. Messi scored his second goal in extra time. Mbappe completed his hat trick three minutes before the end of the game. In the end, the game was decided on a tiebreaker. There, Argentina won the World Cup by defeating France. Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez became a hero for Messi. He saved France’s two goals. In the end, Messi left the field after winning his last World Cup.

World Cup history

Lionel Messi

Two pictures were seen in the two halves. If the first half belonged to Lionel Messi, then Kylian Mbappe changed the picture of the game between 78 and 85 minutes of the second half. Messi had the last laugh in the fight between the two best footballers of the two teams. Messi scored a goal in the first half and Mbappe scored twice to keep France in the fight. Argentina showed dominance in the first 70 minutes of the game. But then two changes by France coach Didier Dess changed the complexion of the game. After Koeman and Kamavinga came off, Mbappe played the game he missed in the first half. The game ended 2-2 after 90 minutes. Messi scored again in the second half of extra time. But even that did not win. Mbappe completed his hat trick with three minutes remaining. The game ended up being a tiebreaker. Messi played there

Messi vs Mbappe

The game was supposed to be Messi vs Mbappe. Two team number 10 jersey holders. There, in the first half, the young Yuvraj was beaten by the old king. Age may have passed, but the debt has not diminished. The pace may have slowed down a bit, but the defensive slithering pass hasn’t. There were flashes of him throughout the first half. Messi was playing desperately to make his last World Cup memorable. And the remaining 10 footballers of Argentina were playing desperately to give him the World Cup. In defense, attack from the midfield, Argentina football players did not give France a little space. With the attack, Messi was also seen to go down on the defense. He played like a true leader.

Coach Scaloni’s

Coach Scaloni’s brains behind Argentina’s scintillating football in the first half have to be admired. He knew Mbappe and Griezmann, the two best footballers in France. Mbappe plays on the edge. Griezmann plays from the middle. Much like Messi. Scaloni kept Molina and McAllister on to stop Mbappe’s run. They took turns watching Mbappe. Mbappe did not get a chance even for one time. Mbappe couldn’t enter Argentina’s box except once in the first half. Dembele and Olivier Giroud were forced to pick up France’s coach Deshon after conceding a pair of goals in the first half. Mbappe was made the main striker. It further reduces its effectiveness. Mbappe could not be seen.

Di Maria

In the first half, apart from Messi, Argentina has to name one more person. Ankiel di Maria. Did not play in any of the knockout matches due to injury. Coach Lionel Scaloni kept him alive for the final. It was understood why he kept it. Almost all of Argentina’s attacks came from the flanks. In the absence of Di Maria, which was not seen in the previous three matches. Di Maria was behind the first goal. Ousmane Dembele fouled him in the box. Argentina gets a penalty. Messi put the ball on the spot. He closed his eyes once. Took some time. Then Hugo Lloris was wrong-footed and scored. Messi’s excitement after scoring a goal in the final was also seen as a novelty. He lay down outside the goal line. The rest of the teammates rushed to hug him.

The goal came from the foot of Di Maria

Argentina’s second goal came from the foot of Di Maria. On every attack, Messi got the ball in their own half and passed to Rodrigo Di Paul with his left foot outside. Alvarez gets the ball from Di Paul’s feet. Di Maria was rising unguarded on the left. Di Maria made no mistake after receiving the ball from Alvarez to slot past Aguan Lloris.

The second half of Drama

But as the game progressed in the second half, Mbappe started to dominate the match. The impression of age may have been seen somewhere in Messi’s game. He was catching the ball. But he could not create an attack that way. Mbappe, on the other hand, was terrified to start in his preferred position. France gets a penalty after Otamendi is fouled in the box. Mbappe scored. Two minutes later, Mbappe scored the second goal for France with a right-footed shot from inside the box. France could have gone ahead in the last 10 minutes of the scheduled time. Mbappe’s powerful shot goes wide. Messi scored a shot at France’s goal again during the game. Lloris saved the ball by throwing himself into the void.

World Cup history

Finally Result:

Attack-to-attack play continues in overtime. Argentina had more chances in the first half. Alvares wasted the opportunity. Messi scored in the second half. Lautaro Martinez’s shot was blocked by Lloris, but Messi scored on the return ball. It looked like Argentina would win. But three minutes before the end of the game, Montiel handed France a penalty in the box. Mbappe scored his third goal. Kolo Muani had an easy chance to win the match late on. But his shot was saved by Martinez. The game goes to a tiebreaker. Argentina played there.

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