Ukrainians are leaving Kherson in the face of intense Russian shelling

Ukrainians are leaving Kherson


Hundreds of Ukrainians left the city of Kherson yesterday to escape the continued Russian shelling. Ukrainian forces recaptured the city two weeks ago after Russia withdrew its troops. Ukraine celebrates Kherson’s victory. News from The Guardian

Freeing Kherson from Russian occupation is seen as a major achievement for Kiev in the ongoing war. Ukraine regained control of the city when Russian forces withdrew to the east bank of the Dnieper River.

Russian forces destroyed the power plants before leaving the city. Since then, the lack of water and electricity has made it difficult for residents to live there. Due to lack of electricity, they are not able to heat their house in severe winter.

Energy infrastructure in the war

Due to the extensive damage to the energy infrastructure in the war, the harsh winters in Ukraine are expected to be very difficult for residents to endure. The evacuation of residents from Kherson started last week due to this fear.

Many are also leaving the city due to Russian shelling. 32 civilians have so far been killed in shelling that has continued since Russian forces left the city on November 9.

Leave the city

Local resident Yevhen Yankov was getting into the car to leave the city. He said, ‘We are leaving our house, it is very painful. We are free now, but we still, have to go. Because the attack is happening, the bullets are coming. People are dying.’

Galina Lugova, head of the Kherson city military administration, said the authorities would do everything to keep people safe. But Russian attacks are intensifying every day. Attack after attack.

Russian shells also hit Vitali Nadochi’s building. He said, “Four flats have been burnt. The windows were shattered. We can’t stay here. No electricity, no water, no heating system. So we are leaving the city to go to my brother.’

The reason for the continued bombardment of Kherson remains unclear

Whether Russia is building up its defensive positions around the Dnieper River and trying to fend off renewed Ukrainian assaults or trying to retake the city. The withdrawal of troops from Kherson was a great humiliation for Moscow.

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