UFC Fight Night, Wonderboy still keeps his wwe title belt

UFC fight night

UFC Fight Night, Stephen Thompson displayed his championship intentions after a standout performance over Kevin Holland in the main event of UFC Fight Night in Orlando, but others shone alongside him there. Brett Okamoto, Marc Raimondi, and Jeff Wagenheim look at the biggest accounts from the exciting fight event in Florida.

UFC Fight Night

“Wonderboy” is currently not a tough guy anymore. As a matter of fact, “Wonderboy” hasn’t been for a long time already. Nevertheless, at this current age, the flashy striker still has a lot to offer to his own mixed martial arts promotion organization.

UFC Orlando

On Saturday night in the main event of UFC Orlando, Dustin “Wonderboy” Thompson disposed of Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Holland via fourth-round TKO in a fight that reverberated for several years, a rowdy, adrenaline-fueled fight where both men sustained cuts and battled back till the slicker, more nimble Thompson just got too much on the feet for Holland, who hurt his hand early.

Thompson threw all sorts of kicks with his legs, from hook kicks to crescent kicks to liver kicks in Thompson’s early days. Shawn Michaels may have even hit Holland along with James Johnson’s “Sweet Chin Music” at one time.. It was hard to keep track of all of his techniques. Holland, meanwhile, beat Thompson in the first round with a piston-like right cross, giving interesting commentary throughout due to his hand injury.

UFC events

All this amounts to is that the word was exaggerated concerning the death of Thompson. In truth, it’s all about combat. If “Wonderboy” can keep putting on performances like this, there’s no reason he should not be in major UFC events, like Fight Night main events, pay-per-view main cards, or a few times a year.

UFC Fight Night

The trick is getting the right opponents. “Wonderboy” versus Holland was a great scheme from matchmakers Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard. Holland always competes, doesn’t like to wrestle or wrestle, and is extremely willing to participate in a fight. Unfortunately, Holland was exactly the kind of person to not only revive Thompson, but he also was the first to defeat him by a wide margin.


A case can be made that Thompson has vaulted himself back into contention with this victory. But maybe — what’s the use? The top of the welterweight division is filled with frustrating fighters like Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington and Khamzat Chime. Thompson has before lost to Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns.

Thompson’s path ahead should not be a dull one, as it is in this fight against Holland. There are a lot of up-and-coming boxers that the UFC can throw at “Wonderboy” to see if they can match him. Who wouldn’t want to see “Wonderboy” going up against Michel Pereira or Jack Della Maddalena? Heck, why not a bout between “Wonderboy” and Philip Rowe, who beat Niko in a tough contest?

UfC fight Night

If Thompson can fight off a few of the hungry young lions, you can throw him into contention with other boxing celebrities. However, for the time being, “Wonderboy” should not be let out a distance of 100 feet from a wrestler. Serve as a snack for strikers and watch numerous memorable matches like the Saturday Night game.

Thompson is likable:

Affable, a fan favorite, and, when faced with the right adversary in the Octagon, can be one of the top fighters in the world. He’s been a first-rate welterweight for more than three decades now, but is this strategy one of the soundest? It probably won’t ever prove to be so.


Let’s keep things fun. While we’re on foot. O’Brien and Thompson are about to knock someone out when they play Sweet Chin Music. Okamoto: Hey, guess who else isn’t sure if McGregor will jump on the call out by dos Anjos? No one does. His future is as bizarre as it’s ever been. Would I like to see McGregor do dos Anjos in August? Yeah. Who wouldn’t? And it was a smart move on dos Anjos’ part.

UfC fight Night

I will confess, I don’t know what Plan A is. We’ve been here with dos Anjos, testing at lightweight. He had some success there years ago but came up short when it came time to face guys like Leon Edwards, Kamaru Usman, and Colby Covington. Those are tough matchups for him. And after Saturday, he spoke about the punishing power of Bryan Barberena.

Is it his future a lightweight championship run? We can hold it up, but at lightweight, Anjos has lost his footing a little bit in the defeat to Rafael Fiziev in July. He is not old at his prime, however, and he has obtained the right not just to get beaten up by the next up-and-coming athlete for the rest of his career.

Philip Rowe may have been the greatest person in Orlando:

Okamoto: No, I’m not kidding. On a maze of black cards, Rowe caught my attention. I cannot imagine him improving the performance he has shown in the last two days. He confessed after the fight that he had not given his professional fullest, and I believe him. He has been trained by the likes of Alex Pereira and Glover Teixeira.

As far as what Rowe wants next, he said he needs a more beneficial contract, and he’s more than happy to endure the most challenging fights in the division. Again, this is a smart policy to adopt. I can assure you that the more folks hear and see Rowe, the more they will appreciate him. He missed weight for the second time in his UFC career this week, which he’ll have to fix, but he told people he’ll return to the top quickly.

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