U.S. egg prices rise 49%, the most in a year

Prices rise 49%

U.S. egg prices rise 49%, The Russia-Ukraine war started immediately after the shock of Covid-19. The state of the world economy is fragile. Since the start of this war in February last year, the prices of various products have increased at a large rate in almost every country in the world. Inflation becomes a hot topic almost throughout the year.

U.S. egg prices rise 49%

Rich or poor—there is no country that has not fallen victim to inflation. The price of goods has also increased in the rich country of the United States. Visual Capitalist has shown an image of how much the prices of various goods have increased in the United States.

This report mainly presents data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Here is the picture of the commodity price increase from November 2021 to November 2022.

How much has the price of goods increased in the United States?

In the United States, compared to 2021, last year (2022) the prices of goods increased due to inflation. Among these, the cost of lunch in primary and secondary schools has increased the most. This is almost beyond the means of many households in the country.

U.S. egg prices rise 49%

After that, the price of fuel oil and eggs increased. The prices of these two have increased by 66 and 49 percent respectively. Airfare and all transportation fares have increased. From cookware to home heating, nothing is cheaper in the United States. Only beef and smartphones have become cheaper. The cost of living for every person has increased tremendously.

The new year 2023 has started. It is presently real that, there is no sign of the war stopping. Presently, there is no sign of commodity prices coming down. Everyone fears that the recession will not improve but will worsen.

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