Threatened the Mexican boxer to Messi should not fall in front of me

Threatened the Mexican boxer

Mexican boxer

Mexican boxer, The match against Mexico was a life-and-death battle for Argentina. If you lose, you have to leave the group stage of the World Cup. But the bright barrier of Lionel Messi has been overcome by Argentina. In addition to scoring himself, he also scored with Enzo Fernandes.

After such a victory yesterday, Argentina was full of joy in the dressing room. Mexican boxer Cancelo Alvarez thinks that the jersey of the Mexican national team has been disrespected during the celebration of Messi. The boxer, who has won world championships in four weight classes, also warned Messi in a threatening tone.

Spanish media “Marca” has published the video of Messi’s dressing room celebration. After beating Mexico 2-0, the Argentina team sang in the dressing room. Lionel Scaloni’s team is buoyed by the collective music and excitement. Messi was taking off his boots while sitting in his place.

At one stage of opening the boots:

the Argentine star moved the Mexico jersey that was lying in front to the side. After watching the video, there was no disrespect to the national flag of the opposing team. Messi puts his jersey away with his feet in the same way that anything else lying around is conveniently put away during work.

Cancelo Alvarez, who was the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer last May, could not accept that. Several tweets about this, “Have you all seen Messi cleaning the floor with our jerseys and national flags?”

In another tweet, Alvarez wrote:

Boxer said in another tweet, that I should pray to his creator that he doesn’t have to fall in front of me. Cancelo Alvarez, who became the first and only boxer in history to be the “Undisputed Champion” in “Super Middleweight” did not stop at these two tweets.

Another Tweet:

Other’s tweet said. We are an example to others. Don’t cry so much…’ Alvarez expressed his anger directly like this, ‘I pray to the creator, that he does not fall in front of me.’

Alvarez wrote in another tweet, ‘You have to respect Mexico as I respect Argentina. I’m not talking about the country (Argentina), I’m talking about Messi….’ The rest of the tweet is unpublishable.


Although Álvarez accused the country of disrespecting the country’s flag, there was no Mexican national flag anywhere in Messi’s vicinity in the video. The Mexican national flag was lying on the floor as everyone cheered for the win, and many other things were lying on the dressing room floor, including one or two of the players’ jerseys.

It is not known whether any of the Mexican players swapped jerseys with Messi during the match. Mexico’s jersey is not supposed to make it to Argentina’s dressing room unless the jersey is swapped.

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