Security flaws in Windows, Microsoft in fear of cyber attacks

Microsoft in fear of cyber attacks

Microsoft has discovered a serious security flaw in the Windows operating system. The flaw, named CVE-2023-21674, weakens the security of the Windows Advanced Local Procedure Call (ALPC) technology. As a result, until it is resolved, it is possible to use this error to launch cyber attacks on Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server.

Microsoft quickly solves and releases security patches when errors are detected in its own software. But if hackers are able to exploit the flaw before the patch is released, it’s called a zero-day exploit. Microsoft also acknowledged that this happened with the CVE-2023-21674 bug.


It should be noted that on Tuesday, Microsoft released a software update (security patch) to remove 98 security flaws in Windows. However, the company advised users to be cautious as the zero-day exploit flaw remains active.

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