Portugal vs Morocco, Ronaldo’s World Cup is over! Portugal also left this time after losing to Morocco’s fast football

Ronaldo’s World Cup is over!

Portugal vs Morocco

Portugal vs Morocco, Ronaldo’s departure from the World Cup. After Spain, Morocco also lost to Portugal. Morocco became the first African country to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup. Hakimian played fast football against Portugal.

Portugal 0

Today Portugal vs Morocco is an incident Or the reward of hard work and good play. May occur in a match. But so is losing teams like Spain and Portugal in two consecutive matches. Not even by playing defensive football. Along with defense, Hakim Ziechra attacked regularly. N-Nissiri gave Morocco the lead in the first half. Despite many efforts, Portugal could not break the Moroccan defense. Portugal’s coach Fernando Santos was forced to substitute Ronaldo in the second half. Nothing happened either. Ronaldo retired from the World Cup this time. Maybe for the last time. On the other hand, Morocco became the first African team to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup after defeating Portugal 1-0.

Portugal was more attacking

Portugal vs Morocco, from the beginning of the game, however, Portugal was more attacking. They were trying to cross into the box using both ends. After 4 minutes, Joao Felix made a quick header from Bruno Fernandes’ free kick. His header was saved by Moroccan goalkeeper Yassin Bono. Portugal was trying to take advantage of set pieces. After 12 minutes, another free kick by Bruno moved Portugal into the scoring position. Rafael’s shot was blocked by a Moroccan defender. In the first 15 minutes, Morocco could not do anything special except attack twice.

Portugal vs Morocco

Morocco returned to the game after 15 minutes:

Hakimi and Ziechra continued to attack along the edge. But Portugal’s goalkeeper Costa was not in much trouble. After 30 minutes, Portugal reached Morocco’s goal again. Felix hit a strong right-footed shot from outside the box. The ball was heading straight for the goal. But the ball hit the defender’s feet and went over the goal. Bono would have been in trouble if he was in goal.

Morocco dominated the last 15 minutes of the first half. They had more possession of the ball. Hakimi was playing small passes. One attack after another was hitting the Portugal box. He also got the result. Morocco went ahead after 42 minutes. Morocco attacked from the left side by playing several passes between themselves. El-Idrisi floated the ball into the box. N-Nessiri headed in before Aguan goalkeeper Costa got to the ball. Portugal tries to pay back after conceding a goal. They also get opportunities. Bruno Fernandes’ shot from outside the box hit the bar. In the first half, Portugal went to Sajghar after a 0-1 goal. More News Semifinal Sports News

In the second half:

Morocco had a chance to extend the gap further. Hakim Ziech’s free kick in the 49th minute would have been in the net if it had been a little longer. Somehow the ball was saved by Costa. Santos put Ronaldo on the field as the pressure increased. After that, Portugal began to increase the pressure. Ronaldo reached the Moroccan box several times. But at the last minute, all the attacks were being repulsed. In the 63rd minute, Fernandes’ shot from the top of the box went off the bar. Morocco was under pressure again and again.

From the 65th minute, the entire game was played in the Moroccan half. The whole Portugal team came up to score. One attack after another. But the Moroccan footballers were defending desperately. Portugal gets four corners in a row. But Ronaldo could not harvest from there. Portugal’s footballers were getting restless without getting a goal.

82- Horta could not score for a while:

He entered the box with Ronaldo. A left-footed ball was going into the goal. Bono turned it down at the last moment. Despite all efforts, the Moroccan defense could not be broken. On the contrary, Morocco came up several times from each attack. Time was passing by.

Ronaldo had a great chance to score in stoppage time. His right-footed shot from inside the box is well saved by Bono. Morocco’s Khedira was red-carded for a second foul in the 92nd minute. Morocco becomes 10 people. Even after that, Portugal could not score. Ronaldo had to leave the field after losing

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