On the way to Qatar, Griezmann, Cain’s World Cup started

World champion France has left for Qatar. Harry Kane says, this World Cup has started for them. Selected pictures of celebrities found on Instagram.

World Cup started

You can also get Lionel Messi’s jersey. The Argentina captain wore this jersey in the first half of the match against Honduras last September. Not only this jersey, but fans will also get the chance to get the first-half jersey of Messi and his teammates throughout the World Cup. As part of a company’s contract with the Argentina Football Association, certain procedures must be followed on their app.

Start World Cup

Preparation is over. Gianluigi Donnarumma’s caption reads: It may suddenly seem that the Italian goalkeeper is talking about the preparation of Qatar in this world cup. However, Italy is not in the World Cup this time, they have a warm-up match against Albania tomorrow.

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Paulo Dybala completes 29. The Argentine forward celebrated his birthday in Abu Dhabi with the team. He said that he had only one wish on his birthday. What is that desire, it seems to be going on even if it is not said separately! Instagram.

Start World Cup

France, the current world champion, has left for the World Cup in Qatar. Antoine Griezmann’s caption ‘Departed remembering God’

Start World Cup

Arriving in Qatar, Harry Kane wrote, ‘Now it begins.’

Start World Cup

Start World Cup

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