Micro tracking chip, Oppo showed off new chips, health trackers and smart glasses

Micro tracking chip Health trackers Chip

Micro tracking chip, Oppo unveiled new chips, health data devices, and smart glasses at the ‘Inno Day 2022’ event held in China on Wednesday. In this virtual event, besides unveiling new technology products, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has highlighted its role in improving the quality of life. That’s Let’s take a look at the new products unveiled at the event.

Micro tracking chip

Marisilicon Y chip

The MariSilicon Y chip uses advanced N6 RF technology. It has a 12 Mbps bandwidth Bluetooth capacity. This Bluetooth bandwidth can be further increased by 50 percent. Its SoC audio technology seamlessly transmits 24-bit by 192 kHz ultra-clear audio wirelessly.

Health Hwan

The monitor, called HealthHOne, can measure blood oxygen levels, heart rate, temperature, and lung function. The device weighing only 95 grams can also monitor people’s sleep data. Micro tracking chip, The device is easy to use as it is cordless.

Oppo Air Glass Two

Oppo Air Glass 2, the new smart glasses, uses SRG (solar-reflective glass) waveguide lenses. In addition to allowing phone calls, the glasses will show the face on the glass. Not only that, but it will also translate words from one language to another. Oppo did not say when the products will arrive or how much they will cost.

A new gaming smartphone has arrived in the country

Infinix Mobile has brought a new smartphone to the world. This Infinix Hot 20S version Tele cell smartphone makes use of MediaTek Helio G96 processor with eight GB RAM, and 128 GB ROMThe phone has an additional 5 GB of RAM and 512 GB of ROM expansion, so you can play games comfortably. Its price is 18 thousand 999 taka. Infinix Mobile has informed this information in a press release.

Micro tracking chip

The 6.78-inch screen phone has 8 front and 50, 2, and 2 megapixel rear cameras. The 5,000-milliampere battery-featured phone has power-saving technology that can be used for three days on a single charge. The phone charges quickly because of the 18-watt Type-C fast charger facility.

Bionic Technology

Due to bionic cooling technology, this Tele cell smartphone does now no longer warm up even after gambling on video games constantly for an extended time. The eye-tracking focus technology-based phone with a powerful camera can take good-quality pictures and use multiple apps simultaneously. More CSB Technology News Update.

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