Messi Argentina beat the Netherlands in a tiebreaker in the semi-finals

Lionel Messi’s Argentina in the semi-finals of the World Cup:

Messi defeated the Netherlands in the quarter-finals. The game was not decided in 120 minutes. In the end, Messi’s won the tiebreaker and went to the semi-finals.


Drama after drama in the Argentina-Netherlands match

First, Argentina went ahead with 2 goals. It seemed that Lionel Messi has reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. But in the end, the Netherlands paid back 2 goals. The game went into extra time. There was no goal either. In the end, the match was decided by a tiebreaker. Messi went to the semi-finals after defeating the Netherlands.

Dutch coach Louis van Hal tried to stop him. Zonal marking was kept for him. When Messi caught the ball, three to four footballers wearing orange jerseys were holding it. But Fun Hal could not stop him. Zonal broke the marking and scored. He scored again from the penalty.

From the beginning of the game, both teams were trying to attack by keeping the defense strong. Both teams were playing small passes. The Netherlands was attacking using both flanks. In the first 20 minutes, Memphis Depay, Cody Gakpora entered the Argentina box twice. But Emiliano Martinez didn’t have to face much trouble. On the other hand, Argentina was trying to attack through the ball. When the ball fell at Messi’s feet, at least three people tried to stop him. In the meantime, Messi shot from a distance. But the ball went out after raising the goal.

Both teams were playing from their own defense

The footballers were trying to control the ball with small passes between themselves. After that, he was on the attack. But as the opponent’s defense was frozen, no scoring opportunities were created. The pace of the game was getting too slow at times. In the end, Argentina took the lead after 34 minutes thanks to the magic of Messi. Messi caught the ball about 30 yards away. Move forward with four defenders near the neck. Konakuni then crossed the ball to Molina in the box. Molina caught the ball and put it into the net from the right side of the Aguan goalkeeper.

Argentina went close to the Netherlands twice

Argentina went close to the Netherlands twice more in the first half. Messi’s right-foot shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. On the other hand, the Netherlands got three free kicks at the end of the first half. But they could not harvest from there. As a result, Argentina went to Sajghar with a 1-0 lead in the first half.

The Netherlands started playing much more aggressively

The Netherlands started playing much more aggressively in the second half. Gakpora was attacking using both ends. But there was no such danger in Argentina’s box. After handling the initial shock, Argentina returned to the game. Messi’s feet were in danger several times in the box in the Netherlands. McAllister could not take advantage of Messi’s pass. Argentina gets a free kick after 63 minutes. Messi’s shot goes wide. BBC News

Denzil Dumfries fouled Acuna

Denzil Dumfries fouled Acuna in the box in the 71st minute. Argentina gets a penalty. Messi did not make a mistake to score against Poland this time. He put the ball into the net from the left side of the goalkeeper. As a result, Argentina went ahead 2-0.

Wieghorst paid a goal after 83 minutes

Fun Hal added more men to the attack to repay the goal. Wieghorst paid a goal after 83 minutes. He headed the cross from the right edge. The ball hits the ground and goes into the goal. At times things got heated during the game. The footballers on both sides were engaged in a fight. As a result, time was wasted. 10 minutes connection time is given. During this period, the Netherlands repeatedly attacked the Argentine box. Wieghorst equalized with a goal from a free kick in the last minute. The game went into overtime.

Lautaro Martinez’s shot from inside the box

Argentina gets more chances to score in extra time. Lautaro Martinez’s shot from inside the box deflected off Virgil van Dijk. In the next moment, Enzo Fernandez’s shot was just wide of the goal. Another shot by Martinez at the last minute was well saved by Netherlands goalkeeper Andries Knoppert. Fernandes’ shot hits the post. Argentina could not score anything. The game goes to a tiebreaker. More CSB Sports News

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