Is Whatsapp Automation Right Fit For The Event Industry?

WhatsApp Automation for Events is very prevalent in the industry. Everyone is talking about WhatsApp automation and most of the organizers are shifting to WhatsApp for managing their events. So if you are thinking about whether WhatsApp is the right fit for the event industry, so yes, a big yes. Whatsapp is the perfect fit for the event industry. It is not just a messaging app with its new and advanced features; event planners can effectively manage and run their events. In this article, we will be talking about how WhatsApp fits into the event industry.

How Whatsapp Automation Is Right Fit For The Event Industry?

1.  Easy Management & Planning

Using Whatsapp can make your event planning and management more smooth. You can easily manage all your audience on one platform. With WhatsApp, you can send invites, event reminders, and other updates. Whatsapp can help you manage all your audience. You can keep a check on your audience, you will be able to know the estimated number of people who are interested in attending your event.

Whatsapp can do multitasking for you. You can involve WhatsApp in your planning from start to finish. With Whatsapp, you can send an invite, or registration form, ask for a payment, send event reminders and also collect analysis and feedback from the audience, all using this one simple platform.

2. Event Registration & Event Ticketing

WhatsApp Event Registration is one of the main reasons why organizers should consider using WhatsApp. And WhatsApp is not limited to registration; it also allows event ticketing. A user can register online using WhatsApp and can also get the ticket on the same platform. There is no need to stand in a long queue waiting to get a ticket, you can get your digital ticket for the event through WhatsApp. Registration through WhatsApp is the most convenient way of registering. A user can register, get a ticket and pay for the same on the same platform. They don’t have to juggle between different platforms for registration and payment process. It is an affordable way of offering event registrations to your audience.

3. RSVP Management

Whatsapp is a tool to use according to your own convenience. A lot of organizations and event planners like to manage their invites through WhatsApp. It is a cost-effective way of inviting your audience to the event. With the help of WhatsApp, you can send invitations to all your targeted or potential attendees. Not just that your participants can also reply to the invites on the platform, in this you will have a rough count of your audience. RSVP management is a unique and beneficial way of using WhatsApp.

4. Automated Notifications

Another reason why WhatsApp is a great fit for the event industry is that it is used to send automated notifications and reminders. With the help of WhatsApp, you send regular reminders and push notifications to your target or potential audience.

Whatsapp is a great option as an event update app also. When you are hosting an on-ground event it has various aspects from the registration process to feedback. You can send notifications for registration. Update and send their tickets. You can also send notifications about other event updates like the topic you will be talking about, the speaker of the event, and any other necessary information that might be important and useful for your audience. But don’t spam your audience with random and unnecessary notifications

5. Users Analytics

Every organizer is looking for leads and detailed analytics of their participants. Whatsapp can help you track your user journey. With WhatsApp, you will be able to track your audience’s response to your text messages and notifications.

Because your user will be registering through WhatsApp you will have the necessary user data with WhatsApp you will be able to target your audience. It is a platform that will record all your user data. User analytics will also help the organizers in generating and nurturing leads. User analytics is a crucial part of any event and every organizer needs it to analyze the success of the event and for the betterment of the next event.

6. Whatsapp User Support

We need a robust customer support system for the audience and Whatsapp is a great fit for it. WhatsApp has an automation feature that makes it easier for organizers to be able to manage the customer 24*7. They can use WhatsApp as a customer support desk. With WhatsApp, you can provide them with customer support any time they need it. With the help of WhatsApp, it is easy to manage all the queries of the users. Organizers can also manage various users at the same time. WhatsApp for User Support is what organizers need to make the process more efficient.

The Bottom Line

In the end, you know how WhatsApp can be beneficial for your event. It can be a great tool for event managers. They can manage most of their audience and events on one platform. From invites and registrations to payment and event aftermath it can do all. So it perfectly fits in the event industry.

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