Hug Day, Today is ‘Let’s hug’ day 2022

Hug Day

Hug Day, A strong hug is more powerful than a thousand meaningful words. There is no room to disagree with this statement by American writer Anne Hood. Hugs are infallible medicine. The disease can heal a dying relationship in one fell swoop. Why talk only about mental illness? Hugs are also very beneficial for physical ailments.

Hug day 2022

Science Research

Researchers say that if you regularly hug your loved ones, blood pressure is controlled and immunity increases. Oxytocin hormone is released from the body, which relieves depression and loneliness. The heart is fine.

An intimate embrace is a collective expression of many unspoken feelings. In great joy or helplessness, hatred or admiration, laughter or tears – holding a loved one in any state of life makes many calculations easier. A hug solves even the complex equations of life in an instant.

Hug day

Hugs live in parallel with our everyday feelings

Going somewhere far away from home or coming back after a long time – what compares to the feeling of hugging parents at that time? A very dear person is leaving, for a few days or from life completely. For the last time, he is holding her with strong emotions.

Mind Feeling

Can produce this feeling, is there any language in the world? A close person has come to you with ultimate failure. If you hug him tightly, the courage to stand up, the confidence he will get, is there any explanation? Hugs remove fear from the mind. A warm chest held in a hug is an endless source of confidence.

hug day

Today, December 3, is Let’s Hug Day. No clear information is available about the origin of the day. According to one source, its journey started with a man named Kevin Zavorny. This great day can be celebrated in many ways. With whom there are dignity, disrespect, and quarrels, forget all, hug him today.

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