How Vinicius wants to win the World Cup under the leadership of Neymar

Vinicius Junior is one of the representatives of the young generation of Brazilian football. Viny is one of those who the country will be looking at to win the World Cup. The winning goal in Real Madrid’s Champions League triumph last season came from his feet. Brazil fans will want to see nothing like that from him in the World Cup.

World Cup

Vini also wants to reverse Brazil’s 20-year deficit. Also, this 22-year-old forward wants to help Neymar, another best stars on the team. For a long time, the Brazilians placed all their hopes on the shoulders of Neymar. But this time Neymar is not alone, stars like Vinicius-Rafinia can also do great things. Vini also wants to take the pressure off Neymar.

The Real star thinks that it is possible by helping each other, ‘Neymar has gone through a lot as a young player. It was not easy to play under such pressure at such a young age. He is someone who has now made sure that everything becomes easy for the younger generation. It’s a dream come true because we grew up idolizing him. He knows that if he helps us, we can also help him a lot, which will also color the World Cup. It’s good for us. It’s also good for the Brazilian people, who want to see us win.”

Vinny has established himself as one of the best stars in recent times. Vinicius also commented that he is constantly learning from the experienced teammates of the national team and the club, “I listen a lot. I like to learn from experienced players like Karim (Benzema) and Neymar.’

Vinicius was afraid of injury before the World Cup. The forward also thanked God after the club football break. The fear of being knocked out of the World Cup due to injury also arose in Vini’s mind, ‘You can come back stronger. But the tackles went to the point of filth. I and Rodrigo suffered a lot in the last matches. I was afraid of something so bad that I thought we might not make it to the World Cup. When you start to become an important player, the opponent will attack you. You have to learn to deal with it.’

Vinny also said that he learned from watching Neymar, “I learned a lot from Neymar when he was in Barcelona. He also suffered a lot. Cristiano (Ronaldo) also suffered a lot during his stay at Real. But Benzema told me to stay calm. He said the opposition is after you means you are important now. Because they are afraid of you.

In addition to his proficiency in football, his desire to provide service to others is particularly strong in Vini. Wanting to play a role in the development of people, Vini said, ‘I believe, I have to do a lot. I see how Lewis Hamilton and LeBron James do good things. I want to do something like that. Education is very important. Because not everyone can be a player. Many tries, but not all succeed. So I try to help the Brazilian people so that they can develop as people and improve themselves. If they are properly monitored, we will see many people going to universities and many doctors, and professors coming out.’

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