How to make coffee?

 Make a different flavor of coffee at home, not in a restaurant

If you get bored of the same flavor of coffee, you can make some completely different flavored coffee. Which can surprise you. Here are some coffees to look for


Whether it’s a lazy morning or chatting with a loved one in a secluded corner of a restaurant – the greatness of coffee is everywhere. But not everyone likes to drink the same type of coffee. Some like to eat with milk and sugar. Some prefer black coffee without sugar. The number of cappuccino lovers is also not very small. Those who love to eat coffee, they eat at least a few cups of coffee throughout the day. From headache to upset – the quick fix for everything seems to be hidden in a kiss of coffee. But in all cases, there is a need to change the taste. Coffee or why not! If you get bored of the same flavor of coffee, you can make some other flavored coffee. Which can surprise you.

Affogato coffee

Although the name sounds a bit strange, this coffee is very easy to make. This coffee requires only two ingredients—espresso liqueur and vanilla ice cream.

How to make it?

Heat up a scoop of vanilla ice cream. When the ice cream melts and becomes liquid, pour in the espresso liqueur. Your affogato coffee is ready.


latte coffee

Lattes are also very popular, as are cappuccinos. Many people go to cafes and order lattes. Love to eat, but do you know how to make it?

To make a latte, you need one-fourth espresso, half a cup of milk, and some milk foam. This time, this mixture is mixed together in a coffee maker to make your favorite coffee latte.

Mocha coffee

The taste of this coffee is completely different. Many are fans of Moka coffee. For those who love to drink this coffee, here is the method of making Moka coffee. 30 milliliters of espresso, 15 grams of chocolate powder, and 200 milliliters of condensed milk are needed to make a cafe mocha. Put all these ingredients together in a coffee maker and make Moka coffee.

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