Headache often overcomes?

Do not rely on medicines, but on home remedies


Medicines Are it Pais or Biryani, Shukto or Dal – adding a bay leaf to the pot will increase the flavor of the dish several times. But not only in cooking, but also in maintaining good health, this pair of leaves is very important. Bay leaves are also very useful in removing digestive problems, controlling diabetes, and preventing heart problems. Bay leaf can be an infallible remedy for head and neck pain. At the same time, bay leaf helps to increase immunity and calm the nervous system.

According to Ayurveda, bay leaf oil has multiple medicinal properties. Apart from various ailments, bay leaves were also used to keep the home environment clean and calm. You can also make the traditional bay leaf oil at home.

Take 250 ml of olive oil and 30 grams of bay leaves. Grind bay leaves and soak them in olive oil. Pour this mixture into a glass jar and keep it in a dark place for 2 weeks. Shake the jar occasionally. After a certain time, strain well and keep the bay leaf oil in a glass bottle.

1) The antibacterial properties of this oil reduce the risk of infection. This oil is used all over your body.

2) Insect infestation at home? If the insect sits on the rash, allergy problems begin. You can apply bay leaf oil all over the body. Get relief from insect bites.

3) Great quality of this oil as a pain reliever. If you have a severe headache, you can apply this oil like a balm. You will get relief from pain. Even if you have pain in your waist or neck, you can get relief from this oil.

4) You can use this oil regularly to keep your hair healthy.

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