FIFA World Cup Qatar Match Schedule 2022

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Iniesta wants to watch them in the hands of his friend Messi

Andres Iniesta is one of the artists of football. Once a teammate of Lionel Messi in Barcelona. Spain’s first title at the 2010 World Cup came from his goal against the Netherlands in the final. Barcelona left a long time ago, but Iniesta did not leave football. Far away from the country, he lives in Japan. Playing for J-League team Vissel Kobe Club. Iniesta, the one-time dream charioteer of Spanish football, wants very much to see his dear friend Messi win the World Cup.

World Cup

Messi deserves the World Cup

According to Iniesta, Messi deserves the World Cup, “Leo (Messi) is a football legend. Played in four World Cups like me. But could not win even once. In 2014, it could not even come close. Of course this time he will try his best. But to win the World Cup, sometimes we need the help of luck. The team also needs the unwavering support of everyone. Everyone will want to see the World Cup title in his hands. He deserves it.’

World Cup

In the interview published in Prothom Alo courtesy of the professional group, Iniesta, one of the figures of Spain’s world victory, also talked about his country Spain. “He’s doing very well,” he said, relieved about Spain’s performance under coach Luis Enrique. Under him, Spain played in the semi-finals of the last Euros and finished runners-up in the Nations League.

Spain is one of the top four teams in the Nations League. We played well in the qualifiers and qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. We did not give much chance to the opponents. Enrique plays his own brand of football with his team. Spain is no exception.

2010 World Cup

The 2010 World Cup is naturally the best time of Iniesta’s career. The moment Spain scored the winning goal against the Netherlands in the final was like a dream for him, ‘the happiest moment of my life. A special feeling, a special achievement. After scoring, I thought, I’m not dreaming!

It would have been the same feeling if any of my teammates had scored the goal. We played really well. Dominated the entire tournament. Football is a team sport. Her team’s success is most important. God was so kind to me that day that he gave me the goal.’

World Cups

Spain has not done well in the last two World Cups. Iniesta wants his country to do well this time. He asked his country’s players to forget the nightmare of the previous two times and fight mentally, “As bad as we played in the last two World Cups, we were not that bad as a team. In Brazil (in 2014) we had a disaster. In 2018 against hosts Russia, despite creating many chances, did not score (Spain’s goal was an own goal).

World Cup

Later, I lost the tiebreaker and was eliminated. There is no point in fussing over these things now. Forget the past and think about the present. The World Cup is going to be held in a completely new format in Qatar. We have to be strong and start from scratch.’

Germany is in Spain’s group in this year’s World Cup. A tough group. But Iniesta thinks that such a group is very normal in the World Cup. He reminded the Spanish team that the best teams must be beaten to win the World Cup, ‘Germany will be in the group, and the path to the second round from that group will be complicated. This is the greatness of the World Cup. To be the best, you have to face the best teams and be able to beat them. You just have to give world-class football and enjoy the game.




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