Elon Musk is a cannon of the UN and the EU

Elon Musk, The United Nations, and the European Union (EU) have warned Twitter owner Elon Musk in addition to reacting angrily to his decision. Musk removed six prominent journalists from Twitter after accusing them of putting his family at risk. Then the United Nations and the EU criticized him on Friday.


Reporters of CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post were excluded from the social media without any warning, AFP reported. After Mask took charge of the company on October 27, a new controversy arose in this incident.

Commission Tweet:

EU Commissioner Vera Zorova said in a tweet, “The news of arbitrary exclusion of journalists from Twitter is alarming.”

He also warned that social media may face heavy fines under European law. The EU commissioner said, ‘Elon Musk should be careful about this. There are ultimate limits; And ban too, very soon.’

A spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said this is a dangerous precedent at a time when journalists around the world face worse conditions, including censorship and physical threats.

Twitter Account Name

The controversy started last Wednesday when Musk shut down a Twitter account named ‘Ilonjet’. Through this account, the movements of his private jets were monitored.

Musk said the move was necessary after “a reckless stalker” followed a car carrying one of his children in Los Angeles. Musk is believed to be blaming the incident on his private jet tracking movements.

A few journalists published the news about the incident, including the closing of the Elonjet account. Musk commented that the matter involved him and his family “informing the position of the assassination”.

Twitter live

Musk did not give any evidence for his claim in life on Twitter. However, he said, the Twitter accounts of some journalists have been closed. Everyone will be treated equally. Journalists say they are not special.

Journalist organizations strongly criticized this move. At the same time, it brought up the issue of re-evaluating their relationship with Twitter. Twitter has become an important medium for journalism over the past decade. More Elon Must Twitter.

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