Earthquake: Woman rescued alive from under the rubble After 22 hours

Woman rescued alive from under the rubble after 22 hours

A woman has been rescued alive from the rubble of a collapsed building in Turkey. He was rescued alive 22 hours after the earthquake. Turkey’s state news agency Anadolu Agency reported this information.


Anadolu Agency

According to Anadolu Agency, this incident happened in Turkey’s southeastern province of Sanliurfa. Anadolu Agency posted a video of the rescue operation on its Twitter account.
This news agency video has been added by The New York Times to its live updates on the Turkey-Syria earthquake.

Anadolu Agency did not reveal the name of the rescued woman. However, they say, with the help of local residents, the national rescuers rescued the woman.

A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.8

A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit the southeastern part of Turkey on Monday. The earthquake occurred at 4:17 am local time in the country. The epicenter of the earthquake was near the Turkish city of Gaziantep on the border with Syria. The origin of the earthquake was 17.7 km below the surface.

Yesterday’s earthquake killed 4 thousand 890 people in Turkey and Syria. Among them, 3 thousand 381 people were killed in Turkey alone. 1500 killed in Syria. At least thousands of people were injured in both countries now to till.


Thousands of houses collapsed in both countries due to the earthquake. Presently More efforts are underway to rescue people trapped under the rubble. The death number may rise with the rescue.

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