Croatia in the semi-finals after winning the tiebreaker by making Neymar cry

Croatia in the semi-finals, After a 1-1 draw at the end of regular and extra time, Croatia advanced to the semi-finals of the World Cup with a 4-2 win over Brazil in the tiebreaker.

There is no Brazil in the World Cup! The five-time world champions lost to Croatia in the semi-finals

Croatia in the semi-finals

Brazil withdrew from the World Cup:

“Neymar was eliminated after losing the tiebreaker to Croatia. Neymar’s goal in extra time did not help either. Croatia won the tiebreaker 4-2”

Croatia’s goalkeeper Dominic Livakovic

Once again became a terror to the opponent. After stopping Japan in the tiebreaker, he knocked Brazil out of the World Cup with his own pair of gloves. As a result, Neymar’s fight and goals went down. Since 2002, they have lost to multiple European teams in the knockout phase of the World Cup five times. Croatia entered the semi-finals of the Cup twice in a row, joining France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

Brazil withdrew from the World Cup

Neymar was eliminated after losing the tiebreaker to Croatia. Neymar’s goal in extra time did not help either. Croatia won 4-2. Croatia played again in the tiebreaker. The five-time world champions had to lose again. The ‘ghost’ that has been hanging on his neck for 20 years has not left the Selecao.

Watching the thriller of the quarter-final:

One thing was spinning in my mind. The cat that hit the neck in the press conference finally cut the road to Brazil! That’s why from 2006 to 2018 the ‘ghost’ didn’t get off his neck. However, in 105 minutes, Neymar Jr. changed all the calculations. That Dominik Livakovic stood against the wall again and again. Brazil’s poster boy put a smile on the faces of countless Selecaos, including Tite, by breaking through Livakovic. Neymar started the game from midfield.

Croatia in the semi-finals

First play pass with Pedro. From there Neymar got the ball to Paqueta. After receiving a pass from Paqueta, Neymar beat the goalkeeper Livakovic and put the ball into the net. Immediately, the yellow-colored gallery at the Education City Stadium swayed. Countless Selecao danced the samba on and off the field. Brazil thought they were through to the semi-finals. They sat down in the carelessness of the moment. After 117 minutes, Croatia came on the attack. From there, Bruno Petkovic scored with a left-footed shot from Perisic. As a result, the match became a tiebreaker. Croatia finally made it to the last four courtesy of Dominic Livakovic.

Dominik Livakovic made a total of nine saves up to 90 minutes of the match:

Even in the extra time, he was repeatedly standing in front of Brazil with both hands. There was no use in breaking him. So while writing, the pre-quarterfinal matches of Croatia vs. Japan and Morocco vs. Spain kept coming to mind. In those two matches, Livakovic and Morocco’s Yassin Bounu stood firm from start to finish. Livakovic made good use of the oxygen of fighting in the Japan match. But this time Brazil’s number ten had the last laugh. At the same time, Pele scored this goal. But that happiness did not last long. Because of a momentary mistake, Croatia equalized the match.

May 16, 1962. Pele scored a brace in a friendly against Wales:

With those two goals, Pele set the record for Brazil’s highest goalscorer. Pele broke the goal record of Brazilian legend Ademir Menezes. 1950 World Cup top scorer Ademir Menezes scored 33 goals for Brazil. Brazil’s forward came to the World Cup with 75 goals. Until this match, Neymar had only scored 1 goal in the cup battle. against Australia. This time Neymar touched the ‘football king’ by scoring the winning goal against Croatia. Which is the 77th goal of his career. However, even after Neymar’s goal, Brazil’s relief did not decrease. Because Bruno Petkovic got the job done.

Croatia in the semi-finals

 Tite said about this Brazil team is true! ‘Perninhas rapids!

Translated from Portuguese, it means in Bengali, a team of ponies and horses.’ But this Brazil is not a pony horse. Instead, Croatia put their star-studded opponents under pressure in the last eight matches. Courtesy of their never-give-up attitude, solid defense, and goalkeeper Dominic Livakovic. Livakovic sent Japan off in the last match from under the bench. Had a hat trick save in the tiebreaker. Naturally, confidence was high. This time too, the 27-year-old goalkeeper started from there. And by playing small triangles, quadrangles, and shapeless passes, Brazil did not get the ball this time. So I could imagine what you would think if you were sitting in a hospital in far away Sao Paulo at that time. After watching that match, the ‘Emperor of Football’ thought that those ‘Jogo Bonita days of Atanna, sixty-two, the seventies must have returned. but no From the beginning to the end unbearable football ‘gift’ Selecaora!

Past World Cups

‘No statistics regarding past World Cups should be accepted! That’s what it seems after watching this World Cup!’ Luis Figo, who was sitting on the broadcasting channel, said the words in a funny tone. The Portuguese star didn’t say too much wrong even though he said it in a funny way. That was evident in the first half at the Education City Stadium. Which Brazil? Three days ago, that is, on December 6, Brazil blew up South Korea 4-1.

Zlatko Dalich

Because Croatia was not giving Brazil a place to play from the beginning. At times the sons of Zaltko Dalich went on the offensive. In the 13th minute, Josip Juranovic ran onto the ball from almost midfield and just outside the box picked up a cross from the right. However, Ivan Perisic, the scorer of the last match, could not stop that running ball. The Selecao survived the battle.

Croatia in the semi-finals

But despite maintaining the policy of counter-attack, the Croats never for a moment vacated the defense. Neymar and Vinicier were particularly marked. When the ball comes at the feet of two people, three-four people are filtering it. However, the two Brazilians showed their skills several times and tried to open the mouth of the goal. But it didn’t work. Even if he got a free kick in the 42nd minute, Neymar could not use it. Because Tekathi was Livakovic.

After the break, Brazil went on the offensive

But the result is the same. Goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic was standing repeatedly. Meanwhile, defender Josko Guardiol fouled Neymar in the box again in the 47th minute. The referee took the help of ‘Var’ to claim the Selecao handball. But there was no round on the forehead.

Winger Anthony

The wing play on the right was completely stagnant. That’s why 22-year-old winger Anthony was brought down by Rafinha in the 57th minute. Vinicius failed to match himself in real time. So Tite picked him up too. Another striker, 21-year-old Rodrigo, came to the field in the 64th minute in search of a goal. In the 84th minute, ‘Daddy’ Tite changed again. This time he picked up Richarlison, unable to do justice to his name. Pedro came to the field. Although Brazil could not open the mouth of the goal in the end. Because every time, Livakovic trained Neymar with a pair of gloves.

However, Neymar gave Brazil the lead in the 105th minute of extra time. But that goal celebration didn’t last long. Because in the 117th minute, Bruno Petkovic grabbed the ball in the opponent’s net and took the match to a tiebreaker. The last result was Croatia in the semi-finals. CSB News Update

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