But this time marriage?

Spiderman couple Zendaya and Tom Holland have been dating for more than a year. Now it is heard that they are settling down after getting married. Neither of the two stars has made an official announcement about the wedding, but sources close to them say that the wedding is not long in coming. A source close to them told US media outlet US Weekly that Zendaya and Tom are very serious about their relationship. They want to be with each other in the future. He started preparing for this.


Spiderman: Homecoming

In 2016, they met for the first time on the shooting sets of the movie ‘Spiderman: Homecoming. Where Zendaya played the role of the lover of Tom Holland who played the role of ‘Spiderman’. Neither of them was known as a performer at the time. Later, Tom became famous all over the world as the Spider-Man on the screen. With this movie and the Euphoria series, Zendaya became one of the most talked about actresses of the time.

Rumors of their love have been heard for a long time, but the two stars publicly kissed each other at an event last year. That is considered a formal declaration of their love.


A source close to Tom and Zendaya also said that the two stars are not only thinking about getting married but also about becoming parents to a child soon. Earlier in an interview, when asked about love and marriage with Zendaya, Tom said that such discussions about personal matters hurt him.

In addition to ‘Spiderman’

British actor Tom Holland is seen in various roles. As Uncharted did this year with Mark Wahlberg. The upcoming biopic of American actor, and dancer Fred Astaire.

On the other hand, Zendaya is having a great time with ‘Euphoria’. She won an Emmy for being the youngest actress in the series.

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