British Prime Minister will give $60 million in air defense support to Ukraine

Air defense support to Ukraine

British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak decleare $60 million worth of new defense aid to Ukraine. He announced this aid package while visiting Kiev for the first time on Saturday. Al-Jazeera news.

In a joint press conference with Zelensky in Kiev, Sunak said, “Today I am here to say that the UK will stand by you.” He assured that the UK will stand by the country until the peace and security that Ukraine needs.

Rishi Sunak said the defense support includes 120 anti-aircraft weapons, radar, and anti-drone equipment.
Appreciating the bravery of the people of Ukraine, Sunak said, “I am deeply humbled to come to your country and join you today.” The courage shown by the people of Ukraine is an inspiration to the world. In the future, we will tell our grandchildren your story.

The glorious and sovereign nation

Sunak also tells how a glorious and sovereign nation withstood the terrible onslaught upon them. I will tell the story of how you fought, how you sacrificed, how you fought and won.’

At the press conference, Zelensky praised Sunak’s visit as effective and constructive for the two countries. He said he had discussions with Sunak on ensuring the protection of European and Ukrainian energy security, the ability of Ukrainians to protect their airspace, and defense cooperation.

In a Twitter post, Zelenskiy said, “With friends like you on our side, we are confident of victory.”

Almost half of Ukraine’s energy system has been disrupted by the ongoing Russian operation. This has created a situation without electricity across the country. Since last month, Russia has stepped up attacks targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure with long-range missiles. Kiev says Russia is also using Iranian-made drones in Ukraine. In such a situation, Ukraine is seeking air defense support from the Western world.

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Ukraine has shown great progress on the battlefield since the end of last September. They have been able to recapture the eastern and southern areas of the country. Ukrainian forces recaptured the city of Kherson last week, nearly eight months after Russian forces took control of it. In such a situation, the Russian forces have been forced to call on their emergency reserves.

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Rishi Sunak took over as British Prime Minister last month. His predecessors Liz Truss and Boris Johnson—both expressed support for Ukraine. Along the way, Sunak also maintains support for Ukraine.

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