Brazilian President, Bolsonaro wants to stay in the United States

Present update, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has applied for a six-month tourist visa to stay in the United States. On Monday, the news agency Reuters reported on an e-mail statement from Bolsonaro’s lawyer.

The appeal comes as pressure mounts on the US government to revoke any visas granted to Bolsonaro.

Brazilian President

Bolsonaro’s lawyer Said

Bolsonaro’s lawyer, Felipe Alexandre, said that the US authorities had accepted the application of the former Brazilian president last Friday. He added that Bolsonaro will remain in the United States until a decision is reached on the application.

In response to an e-mail sent by Reuters, Alexandre said, “He (Bolsonaro) will take some time off, keep a cool head and stay as a tourist in the United State for a few months and after decide.” his next step.’
Alexandre also said, “It is up to him whether he (Bolsonaro) uses the six months fully or not.” If he decides his plan, we will strategize accordingly.’

Bolsonaro has applied for a tourist visa, the Financial Times reported.

A State Department spokeswoman said visa records are strictly confidential under US law. He also said that the US State Department cannot discuss details about individual visas.

Lula da Silva won the presidential election in Brazil last October. Bolsonaro’s term as president was due to end on January 1. But two days before that, he moved to Florida. After this, Lula da Silva took over.

Lula da Silva

Bolsonaro’s far-right supporters could not accept defeat in the election to the leftist Lula da Silva. They allege that Bolsonaro was defeated through manipulation. For this, they were seeking the ‘intervention’ of the military.
Following this, Bolsonaro’s supporters ransacked various government offices, including the Brazilian Parliament Building, Congress, the Presidential Palace, and the Supreme Court Building on Sunday. In this incident, the right-wing former president faced severe criticism at home and abroad.

Brazil’s Supreme Court has agreed to open an investigation into whether Bolsonaro incited anti-democratic protests.

Called US President

Earlier this month, 41 members of the US House of Representatives on Thursday called on US President Joe Biden’s administration to cooperate with the Brazil investigation.

The US State Department has repeatedly said its policy is not to discuss specific visa cases.

Source: BBC update News

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