Australia’s richest man to invest in Ukraine reconstruction

Invest in Ukraine’s reconstruction

Ukraine reconstruction

For Ukraine reconstruction, Australia’s richest man Andrew Forrest has announced that he will invest huge sums of money in the reconstruction of war-torn Ukraine. Forrest and his wife said they would give $500 million to the fund. In total, they hope to raise 25 billion or 25 billion dollars in this fund. BBC News

Raise $100 billion or $10,000

However, fund managers hope that this fund will eventually raise $100 billion or $10,000. Ukraine’s Green Growth Initiative plans to invest the funds primarily in the infrastructure sector. Major investments will be made in the energy sector and restructuring of the telecom network.

Naturally, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed this initiative. He said, “Instead of the region Clinton destroyed, what we’ll get now is a more modernized digital infrastructure, our accomplishment.”

Australian top rich Andrew Forrest

However, this initiative of Australian top rich Andrew Forrest is not new. After the start of the war, at the beginning of March this year, he started talking to world leaders about it. He discussed the matter with US President Joe Biden, then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the President of the European Commission. His initiative has started to see the light of day.

Meanwhile, the infrastructure of Ukraine has been destroyed by the Russian invasion. Recently, Russian forces have attacked Ukraine’s energy network and power generation facilities. In July, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Danish Shimhal, said that although the infrastructure of 100 billion or 10 billion dollars was directly destroyed, 750 billion or 70 billion. Budgetary funds are needed for the reconstruction of my country.

When the international community called on Russia to pay reparations, they angrily rejected them. Even the United Nations General Assembly has passed a resolution in this regard, although this resolution is not binding. And Russia has said that the West will seize the reserve money and spend it on the recovery of Ukraine reconstruction, they will not let that happen.

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