An urgent update to Chrome fixes a major security flaw

Chrome fixes a major security flaw


Google has released an urgent update to solve the security flaw of the computer’s Chrome browser. This year’s ‘Eighth Zero Day’ finds security flaws. Hackers were taking advantage of this error since the beginning of the year. In a blog post, Google announced an urgent update for this security flaw. More News

The bug is identified as CVE-2022-4135. This is a GPU heap buffer overflow security flaw. Recently a group of risk analysts of the company discovered this flaw. That blog says Google is aware of the CVE-2022-4135 vulnerability. However, users need time to get this security update for Chrome. Therefore, to prevent the spread of this error, Google is not releasing detailed information for now.

What is a heap buffer overflow security flaw?

Heap buffer overflow is usually a memory security flaw. By exploiting it, hackers can save user information from unknown secret places without any hindrance. Hackers exploit this security flaw to overwrite the application’s memory. This error limits the control of data usage.

How to Install Chrome Browser Updates?

Google recommends updating version 107.5304.121/122 for Windows users. Additionally, Mac and Linux operating system users should update Chrome to version 107.5304.122. To update the Chrome browser, go to the settings option, go to the About Chrome option in the menu, download the updated version and complete the installation by restarting the browser.

It should be noted that zero-day security flaws are basically software vulnerabilities that hackers can easily use to launch cyber attacks on any device.

In conclusion:

Google Chrome is a great web browser and its features make it a powerful tool for online surfing and gaming. It’s easy to use and has many features that make it stand out from other browsers. It has a number of features that make it perfect for online browsing, and it is also fast. If you are a Chrome user, be sure to keep using it!

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