79 hours after Rescued alive 2 years old child

Very astonished news, Child rescued alive 79 hours after the earthquake

2 years old Child, As time goes on, the chances of rescuing anyone alive from the rubble of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria are getting slimmer. However, relatives of missing persons and rescuers are not giving up hope. Suddenly, some events seem to increase their hope a lot. A similar incident happened last Thursday. A two-year-old child was trapped under the rubble for 79 hours after the earthquake. Finally, the child was rescued alive.


The incident took place in the southern city of Antakya in Turkey. It is one of the worst affected cities in the country after the magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck early Monday morning. Many buildings and other heavy materials in the city collapsed due to the earthquake. The child was rescued from under the rubble of one such collapsed residential building yesterday.

Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation

A video provided by Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation shows a worker from the country’s Disaster and Emergency Response Authority (AFAD) removing the rubble from the rubble. The child was later handed over to health workers.

This incident was recorded by another rescue worker on his mobile phone. The video was later circulated on social media and in the media. However, the identity of the child or the child’s parents has not been released.

Turkey and Syria have exceeded 21,000

Meanwhile, the death toll from Monday’s terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 21,000. Official sources and doctors of the two countries said on Thursday night that 17,674 people have died in the earthquake so far in Turkey. And 3 thousand 377 people died in Syria. The total death toll in the two countries stands at 21 thousand 51.

The earthquake affected 10 provinces of Turkey and 4 provinces of Syria news of now of till. According to the Turkish government, the number of people affected by the earthquake in the country is more than 13 million.

The situation in neighboring Syria

The situation in neighboring Syria is even worse. The country’s earthquake-hit areas are under the control of both the government and rebels, raising concerns about aid reaching them. Six UN trucks carrying aid have already crossed the Turkish border into Syria. This is the first international aid to reach the country’s earthquake-hit region.

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